Best Players of Australia vs India Test Series

Cricket is a gentleman’s game. It is played by different countries all around the world. The governing body of the game is International Cricket Council (ICC) which has over a hundred members. It keeps updating the rules and regulations of this game. So that interest of the audience viewing the matches remains the same.

While talking about Australia and India’s cricket journey, fans can’t ignore the importance of the Border-Gavaskar trophy. The series has been interesting and challenging throughout time. The fans of both teams also feel their heartbeat at the time of games. Many Players of both the teams have International world records with which are still stable, nobody can still challenge them in their records.

Highlights of Australia vs India Journey

Both of the teams played their first test match in the 1947-48 season on Australian soil. The host was able to beat their opponents 4-0 in that series. It was a five-match series during which Lala Amarnath was leading the Indian team and Sir Donald Bradman led the opponent team.

At that time, the Indian team had passionate players on the field- like Vinoo Mankad and Vijay Hazare. Despite their collective efforts, the host, Australia, was successful in beating its opponent.

Since then, both the teams have played a total of 97 matches. Among which, India managed to win 28 matches, whereas Australia led them by winning 42 of the matches.

1996 was the first time when both teams played the Border- Gavaskar trophy. In New Delhi, both the rivals played a one-off test to mark the start of this trophy. Ever since they have been playing the test series for Border-Gavaskar trophy. Australia is always a dominant side against India in tests.

However, Indian Captain, Muhammad Azharuddin, made sure to keep the trophy for the Indians in 1997-98. Not only this but also they were able to win the last trophy against Australia in India in 2017 under the leadership of Virat Kohli. However, Australia never lost a test series against India in Australia.

Best Players of Australia vs India Test Series

Undoubtedly, both the teams have great and passionate players in their teams who play at their utmost capabilities. Here are some prominent names from both the teams.

Best Players of Australia

Australia, who is having five One Day International Titles, is always a tough side for any opponent in any format of the game. Tim Paine is leading their side. They have quality bowlers and batsmen who can play match-winning knocks for their sides.

They have the quality of fast bowlers including top-ranked Pat Cummins and Mitchell Starc. Talking about the batting side, Run machine Steve Smith is consistent with his team. Moreover, their fielding has always been phenomenal. They are likely to be among the top teams.

Whereas if we talk about Border-Gavaskar Trophy, the Australian team has the brightest name as its batsman, Allan Border. It was Border who has scored more than 10,000 scores in his test cricket career. Also, he has the title to be the former captain of his team.

Best Players of India

India, for the past decade, has produced quality cricketers for their side. Virat Kohli is the man leading his side from the front. They have shown their strength in the mega-events held by ICC. They have won the ODI cup twice. Last they won was in 2011.

Not only this but also for the other tournaments they were not easy to defeat. However, their test record is not as good as Australia. But you cannot underestimate them. Their squad includes top batsmen like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. Bowling includes one of the finest Jasprit Bumrah as well. They are surely going to provide a tough time to their opponent.

In addition to this, India has prominent names like Sunil Gavaskar, Muhammad Azharuddin, Lala Ambarnath and Vijay Hazare, who have shown their capabilities in Border-Gavaskar trophy. It is due to the track record of Allan Border and Sunil Gavaskar that the series, Border-Gavaskar Trophy, got its name.

Like Border, Gavaskar has also been the captain of his team. Also, he holds the world record of scoring over 10,000 runs in his test series career.

India VS Australia 2020/2021

Following the schedule of the test championship, a test series is to be held between India and Australia in front of Australia’s crowd. The series is named  “Border-Gavaskar” to pay tribute to Allan Border of Australia and “Sunil Gavaskar” of India. They both are the first for their side to score 10,000 runs.

Moreover, they both are record holders for most test runs scored in test match cricket. India is looking for a win in the test series against Australia. They have a chance as the final of the series is to be played in Sydney under the Captaincy of Virat Kohli. Can they do it?

Well, the game is going to be very interesting as Australia is never going to give up. They can come back at any moment as they are considered as one of the world’s best sides. It will affect the table ranking of the Test Championship, so both teams will definitely give their best to win the game.


There is no doubt that the Border-Gavaskar Trophy is one of the biggest and most highlighted sports events of the years throughout the time. Many sports, from the past, have started with a similar theme or fate, like this trophy. However, only a few of them get successful and famous. Similarly, this trophy is like one of them that has earned lots of respect and fame in a few years.

Also, players of both the teams have shown and are showing their talent and passion in this sport. Therefore, it is due to their efforts, that both teams enjoy great fame and love among their fans.

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