7 Top-Rated Goalkeepers in the World

When it comes to football, soccer keepers are essential, silent guardians and the last line of the rock-solid defense. Managers and club owners didn’t pay much attention to goalkeepers and their wages but now every top-rated football club in the country is investing heavily to buy a stunning Goalkeeper. Much of the spotlight in any football match is on the star player, creative midfielders, or the bolting-fast winger. However, a few world-class and the best goalies in soccer stood out every year to help defend their team against fierce rivals and competitors. In the past few years, the Premier League and Spanish clubs have broken the bank to get their hands on the best soccer goalie in the world. The following are 10 of the most incredibly talented and top soccer goalies of 2019.

Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer - Top Goalie 2019

Neuer is part of the group of German striking force that dominated the football game for many years from winning the World Cup to the European Cup and defeating many high-grade football teams around the world. Manual Neuer plays for Bayern Munich and he climbed the success ladder through his sheer determination, dexterity, and skill set. With one World Cup, two times football player of the year and seven times German champions under his belt, Manuel Neuer is regarded as one of the top soccer goalies in the world. He has a staggering 23% clean sheet ratio which means he concedes an average of 1 or no goals in every match that he has played for both club and country. Manuel Neuer not only defends the goal but also takes part in the attacking tactics for his team. He is not shy coming forward outside the box or to intimidate the strikers even when he’s one-on-one with them. From saving many penalty kicks to preventing numerous goals from scoring, Neuer tops the list of the best soccer goalie in the world.

“He has been outstanding, Neuer is an extraordinary goalkeeper, who would deserve to win it.” (Johan Cruyff while watching the Germany match in the World Cup)

David de Gea

David de Gea - Best Soccer Goalie

Out of 282 appearances David de Gea managed to keep 102 clean sheets and winning the game 158 times for both club and country. David plays for Manchester United and the Spanish National team and is best known for insane saves and agility in the Premier League. From saving Van Persie’s penalty to an open sitter from Hazard and an unstoppable volley from Stoke City’s winger, De Gea has been brutal and one of the top soccer goalies when it comes to saving goals against ruthlessly efficient players. He has won the Premier League with United in 2013 as well as winning the FA Cup, 1 English Super cup and European under 17 World Cup with Spain. He took the place of Edwin Van der Sar and didn’t disappoint the manager by proving his worth time and time again. David has won the “Player’s Player of the Year” in his first two seasons at Manchester United and became the best soccer goalie in the world.

“I admire David De Gea. I cannot remember anyone coming into Manchester United and being criticized the way he was.” (Peter Schmeichel on de Gea’s Debut)

Thibaut Courtois

Thibaut Courtois

Even though some football experts might argue about his performance at Madrid but he has been the most electrifying and best soccer goalie for his club and country. Courtois is a Belgian International who has been consistently incredible, a high performer, and has a commanding presence at the back. As one of the best goalies in soccer, he is best known for terrifying the strikers and encouraging his back four-line to stay concrete against difficult teams. Thibaut has won the Spanish La Liga with Atletico Madrid twice, English Premier League with Chelsea, and 1 FIFA Club World Cup with Real Madrid. He has an excellent record in Both Premier League and La Liga without conceding a goal in every 108 minutes.

“I think we all know that, when you’re a kid, there’s always a club that really makes you sit up and take notice.” (Courtois on Joining Real Madrid)

Hugo Lloris

Hugo Lloris - Famous Soccer Goalie

Lloris played a major role in helping France compete in the World Cup and has a magnificent ability and a clean sheet record. At 32 years of age, Lloris has become one of the top soccer goalies with an amazing ball passing ability in the Premier League. He likes coming out of the box to save direct goals and instill himself as a great asset for Tottenham who always plays the high line. As a trained and famous soccer goalie at Tottenham, he is the number one choice for the French manager when it comes to playing in the World Cup and European competitions. Out of 307 appearances for Tottenham Lloris has managed 117 clean sheets.

“We all hope to get great results in front of our fans at White Hart Lane to show and prove that we are proud to wear the Spurs shirt.” (Hugo before a Derby match)

Jan Oblak

Jan Oblak

Oblak replaced Thibaut Courtois at Atletico Madrid and proved his worth by becoming a defensive juggernaut for the team. He has many strong skills which include saving penalties, high concentration attack, stopping direct and long shots, and encouraging the back four line throughout the game. These abilities made him a stunning player for Atletico Madrid and a famous soccer goalie in 2019. Oblak is exceptional when it comes to predicting and anticipating the strikers shot. He is a responsible and top goalkeeper who waits for the right moment to charge forward and stops a one-on-one goal. Oblak has a 78% saving percentage which means he saves 54 shots out of 86 from inside the box. Oblak has worked very hard to become a high-rated goalkeeper and forging an amazing partnership with the central defenders at Atletico Madrid. He is 1.88 m tall which is considered the best height for a talented goalkeeper mixing that with agility, bolting speed, and ruthless reflexes Oblak have become the best goalies in soccer in the world.

“I’ve worked with De Gea and Courtois, but Oblak is the best in the world; he always appears in the key moments,” (JuanfranAtletico full-back after playing alongside Oblak)

Marc-Andre TerStegen

Marc-André ter Stegen


As a 27-year-old German international who plays for Barcelona Mark has become one of the most promising and top goalkeepers in Europe. He is the leading goalkeeper at FC Barcelona which gives him a position in the World Cup squad in Russia 2018 he has been playing at a colossal level since TerStegen started his professional career at the age of 19. TerStegen has an immense ability as the best soccer goalie and is supreme with a ball at his feet. He has won 4 La Liga titles at Barcelona, 1 Champions League trophy in 2015, 1 club World Cup and European super cup and 4 Copa del Rey finals. TerStegentrained like hell to become one of the top 10 soccer goalies in La Liga. His powerful training sessions start with short shopping techniques where the players’ fire shot from different angles to perfecting his skills, flexes and positioning. The best part is when Messi, Suarez, and the leading strikers at Barcelona brutally test Marc’s goalkeeping skills. Whether he is one-on-one with the strikers or stopping shots from outside the box, he is like a steel wall in front of the goal.

“It is important to have that attitude and self-confidence to be Barca’s goalkeeper, and that I’ve got.” (Marc-Andre on Joining Barcelona)

Gianluigi Buffon

Gianluigi Buffon Greatest Goalkeepers of All Time

The famous soccer goalie Buffon has won the World Cup, 1 Footballer of the year award, 9 times Serie A champions, five Italian Cups and then six times Italian Super Cup. He has been known as the best of the best goalkeepers in the history of football. Buffon has played a staggering 655 games for Juventus. He was a runner-up Ballon d’Or winner in 2006, won Serie A “Goalkeeper of the Year” award countless times, twice UEFA goalkeeper of the Year, has the most caps for Italy, and the 2nd most appearances in Serie A other than Paolo Maldini. During his prime years, there was no top goalkeeper in the world who was even close to him and his shot-stopping techniques. There are still numerous other awards Buffon has won like the Golden Foot award, Fifa and UEFA awards, and broken hundreds of records. After playing for a year at PSG, he has returned to his prodigy club Juventus to break further records in 2020 and to become the greatest goalkeeper of all time.

“The best players I have ever coached? I could have selected 2 whole teams, but Buffon would be the only player in both of them.” (Fabio Capello on Buffon)

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