Hammering at Stamford Bridge: Liverpool Flying High This Season

Liverpool has been transformed by Jurgen Klopp and becomes an unstoppable force in the Premier League this season. The Reds had a picture-perfect at the start of the season although VAR ruling gave Liverpool a great victory at Stamford Bridge beating Chelsea 2-1.

Liverpool has won all 6 out of 6 games and is bolting towards glory but the experts are waiting for Christmas Eve to check whether they can lift the Premier League title. The Reds are three points shy of Manchester City all-time record. Whereas Chelsea has now lost two Premier League games after their awful defeat in the Champions League to Valencia.

Even though Liverpool had won staggering games last season, the win at Stamford Bride is something they are looking forward to. The Reds are concerned about winning points rather than playing their style and exhibition football.

Frank Lampard, Chelsea Manager, was positive about the game against Liverpool even though they lost at home. Here are the main talking points from the Chelsea vs Liverpool game.

Liverpool Capitalizing on Set Pieces

According to recent stats, Liverpool has scored more goals on set pieces rising the tally to 34. It is 7 more than any other team in the Premier League. And it is not something baffling, because Liverpool players have a knack for delivering quality balls into the box. The full-backs intensify the game yet again at Stamford Bridge and assisting both the goals against Chelsea. Alexander-Arnold scored a stunning goal from the edge of the box and thrashing into the top right corner. While, Robertson offered an amazing dipping curl for Roberto Firmino who made it 2-0 for the Reds.

Chelsea has Defensive Weaklings

It can be concerning for Lampard to know that besides Watford and Norwich, Chelsea is the only team in the Premier League who has conceded more goals. If the Blues want to finish at the top four, then fixing the defensive hiccups should be a priority. Chelsea has no answer for conceding goals and their defensive woes continue to grow. Liverpool finds it easy to put high and low balls into the box using their full-backs. Although, Chelsea is scoring goals they lack determination at the defensive side.

Alexander-Arnold Becoming Great

Alexander can become a striking force and a nightmare for the defenders if he keeps scoring goals in the Premier League. Besides having an incredible crossing ability, Alexander has become popular at targeting a corner of the net without any second thought. He proved this against the game at Chelsea where he hammered the ball into the top corner from just outside the box. He was the most reliable player throughout the game while shaking Chelsea’s defense and running up and down the right flank. At the age of 20, Alexander can go a long way to become one of the leading best players in the Premier League.

Abraham Struggling to Shine

Undoubtedly, Abraham had an exceptional start of the season while scoring 7 goals already and a ruthless hat-trick against the Wolves. He is carried away from a blistering start but he is just 21-years old and a bit inexperienced. The game against Liverpool was one of his off days where he couldn’t click well especially when coming one-on-one with the goalkeeper. Although his vision, positional awareness, ability to hunt chances is something to be applauded. Virgil van Dijk didn’t silence Abraham much but he has adequate chances to enhance his game.

Chelsea Show Signs of Improvement

The Blues kept composure throughout the second half while preventing Liverpool from scoring further goals. Kante’s amazing solo goal gave Chelsea a breather in the second half and they pushed fiercely to equalize. But every other team in the Premier League are standing in line to compete with the level of football Liverpool and Manchester City are playing. Chelsea could have got a point at Stamford Bridge but Liverpool players were adamant for a victory.

Final Score

Chelsea    1 – 2    Liverpool

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