Another Blowing Defeat for Ole Solskjaer: What Went Wrong for the Reds?

Even though Southampton are on the edge and a good run of winning games, Manchester United were unable to defeat them and held a draw of 1-1 at the end.

Manchester United Falter Again

Although, the Reds capitalized in the first half by scoring a storcher into the top-right corner after firecely cutting inside on his right foot. However, the Reds conceded a goal and were able to get a single point on their away game. The draw destroyed the weekend for Ole Solskjaer and raises many questions related to the defense and attacking tactics and the discipline of some of the high-end United players.

The Reds Starting 11 is a Fallen Stock

Two players in the starting eleven are in their prime which can be a shocker for Manchester United. Paul Pogba (the big money transfer) and Harry Maguire are full-fledged United players with the performance and acuity of De Gea is on the decline in the past couple of games. He is not as flexible and exceptionally great like he used to. A few players such as Ashley Young and Juan Mata, who are frivolously enjoying their last years of professional football. While the other seasoned players like Marcus Rashford and Victor Lindelof who cleanly need to improve their game.

The Best Signings for Manchester United

Daniel James is the summer signings who didn’t receive much applause like the others did. But he is bolting in every game and becoming a great difference-maker in the trio of Maguire, Wan Bissaka, and James (himself). The great athleticism and power James show in the United games has given him a trump card that other players wish to boast. With real intelligence, vision of the game, and quick transitions in the final third, makes James a great player for the Reds.

Southampton Goes for a Favorite Formation

Ralph Hasenhuttl (Saints Manager) was poised to go for a 4-2-2-2 formation which was successful for them in the previous games and was effective against Manchester United. This impenetrable formation was best-suited for the Saints and they have chosed a solid attacking side. But it was not a formation without any major flaws because Hasenhuttl has to rely on the full-backs more without anyone  taking the lead role. James Ward-Prowse had a chance to play in a wider position making low-ball crosses and passes from outside the box. After a wall-breaking stint at Germany, Hasenhuttl has transformed the playing style and is strongly willing to bring in youth in the first-team squad.

The Right Full-Back Dilemma

Wan-Bissaka’s Performance Starts Southgate’s Conundrum

The Saints are very fortunate to have 4 incredibly talented right full-backs in their squad, Wan-Bissaka the tank who is stout defensively, Alexander the extra creator, Kyle Walker the athletic professional, while Trippier becomes a beast at Atletico Madrid.

United Having No Strong Player in the Midfield

Manchester United are known for controlling the pace and rythm of the game regardless of the side they are facing. They try to replicate it but failed to do so. Ole’s chosed midfield was bizarre to watch and has become a growing problem for the United side. The Reds are unable to replace Herrera and had to rely on Paul Pogba to play the lead creator and box-to-box midfielder. With Mata fading over time, Ole’s side don’t have enough options but to sign someone to unlock the door. The Reds are following a smash-and-grab attitude in every game because of a lack of proper midfield which don’t work against defensively strong sides (like the Saints).

Upcoming Fixtures

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Premier League

Southampton 1 : 1 Manchester United


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